Rent a Luxury Beachfront Cabarete Kite Beach Condo

Why Rent a Luxurious Beachfront Condo at Cabarete KiteBeach?

When you seek a great location for your next kiting vacation, windsurfing or kiteboarding is pretty cool in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. There are a few choice beachfront rental properties on Kite Beach and in Cabarete Bay offering you awesome ocean views and easy fast access to the beach.

If you have the means to rent a luxury beach and waterfront ocean-view condo instead of remaining in a stinking polluted city or renting a dumpy vacation place that has cockroaches and where you may get your belongings robbed, this is, of course, the ultimate way to enjoy your kitesurfing holiday in the Caribbean.

A Luxury Beachfront Condo rental is not a cheap thing if you are a normal employee, however, if you are in a group of friends, relations/family then actually it is more cost-effective than renting hotel rooms and far more enjoyable.

Visualize the comfort of a luxury rental condo, the spaciousness of the vacation apartment compared to the usual tiny hotel room. In your luxury holiday condo/ flat you will have a large kitchen with all required utilities, spacious dining and living areas, the most comfortable bedrooms with large plush beds, best bathrooms and the feel of a home away from home, rather than the hospital look of a white hotel room or office cubical modernity.

Just Imagine the turquoise, pleasantly warm tropical waters and feel the lovely soft sandy Dominican beach at your feet, between your toes….

Yes. You Can have The Caribbean Beach Holiday of Your Dreams.
Enjoy the spectacular waterfront view of the Entire Cabarete Bay – merely a few steps from the Luxurious Vacation Condo you rent, with your luxury beachfront holiday condo rentals‘ generous terrace overlooking the sea…

As you unwind from the rat race and leave your business worries (or boss) as well as the big city stress back where they belong, you find yourself happily immersed in a relaxing Island Paradise, whilst staying in one of our carefully selected Luxury Oceanfront Caribbean Beach Condos.
After all, we want you to enjoy the very best Caribbean Dominican Republic vacation holiday Cabarete & Kitebeach have to offer.

Kite Beach Cabarete picture
Kite Beach Cabarete picture

Located at the very best spots at Cabarete Bay and in Kitebeach, you couldn’t ask for better beachfront rentals accommodation Solution for a short term vacation rental for your kiteboarding kitesurfing holiday, or for great fun windsurfing.

Our Select Dominican Republic beachfront vacation rentals in Cabarete and Kitebeach beaches are naturally also right for you if you simply want to enjoy a laid back relaxed Caribbean Island Beach Vacation – happily watching everyone else windsurf, kitesurf or learning paragliding on Cabarete Kite Beach

All our sea view beachfront Caribbean condos have full amenities – ideal if you want to prepare your own meals. If you like healthy homecooked meals or wish for a gourmet hired chef service, or if you have special diet issues or requirements for health reasons, can’t or hate cooking yet want to eat wonderful meals – ask us to arrange for an excellent private cook for you in Cabarete.

Through this site, you get access to the best luxury vacation homes available for rent in Cabarete Kite Beach and the Cabarete area with honest opinion on what would best serve you, not the realtor or owner.

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About Dominican Republic Cabarete Kite Beach

Kite Beach Cabarete is a World Class Extreme Water Sports location, where people come from all over the world to learn how to kitesurf and where professional riders come to kite surf and jump the perfect waves at the reef, some 200-500 meters out at sea.

Kitebeach itself is located a short 20-25 minute walk west from the Cabarete Bay area and has better side-onshore wind direction than the Cabarete Bay or Bozo Beach have, plus the wind is a little bit stronger.

However, many kiteboarders prefer Cabarete Bay and Bozo Beach to Kitebeach, since it tends to get rather crowded during the high season (December-April) and on very windy days… and in past years Kitebeach beach has lost a lot of beach (i.e., sand), so launching and landing a kite is a miserable experience. December and January months tend to get more sand back into the Kitebeach beach but nothing like it used to be. If you are traveling here during the summer vacation, Kitebeach is no longer the ideal place to stay.

If you are traveling here during the summer vacation, Kitebeach is no longer the ideal place to stay. It gets rather difficult walking without getting soaked from pounding shore waves especially at high tide times if you want to walk over to Cabarete Bay for a meal or night time fun.

All important kiteboarding events and competitions now take place in Cabarete Bay.

If you are traveling with your family then staying in Cabarete Bay area is wiser, as there is more beach for walking, playing and of course many more options for renting a stand up paddle board (SUP), a kayak and learning to windsurf.

Experienced riders will enjoy windy Kitebeach and the waves at the reef’s break…

However, when tides are low and during various months of the year, it can get sort of rocky in Kitebeach in spots where you first enter the water, not so ideal when learning to kiteboard.

What’s more, since there are so many kite schools (15 in latest count) packed into the short stretch of KiteBeach beach, it is not a beach we full-heartedly can recommend for families with young kids or for kitesurf beginners to rent a vacation condo at.

A [Kitebeach condo rental->2br-luxury-caribbean-holiday-condo-for-rent-at-cabarete-kite-beach] is ideal for couples who love kitesurfing kiteboarding.

Cabarete Bay is larger and offers more space for beginners to practice kiteboarding – with no rocks or sharp reef hiding in shallow water areas where you learn to kitesurf.

Cabarete is also a windsurfing Mecca with great wind year round. Many people come to Cabarete Beach to learn how to windsurf or how to kiteboard. There are plenty of excellent kiteboarding schools in Cabarete Bay area, right near your boutique beach-front vacation rental condo.

The Cabarete Beach is safe for swimming.

There are no dangerous sharks or killer jelly fish here and no dangerous currents. If you have children and are interested in swimming in the sea, then finding accommodation at Cabarete Bay is a better idea, since it is more tourist & children friendly than Kite Beach.

Water temperature is pleasantly mild throughout the year, even during winter months.

Cabarete boasts the best nightlife in the Caribbean and has many bars and restaurants located right on the beach with great sea views and informal relaxed atmosphere.

Google Map of Cabarete Bay & Kite Beach in Dominican Republic.

Take a closer look at the Caribbeans’ best kitesurfing location – Kite Beach & Cabarete Bay in the Dominican Republic.

(See a road map view by clicking the “Map” tab).

You can even resize this map; drag an area to center it and zoom in or out by double clicking on what you want to enlarge, or by using your mouse scroll middle button or via the +/- in map itself… Cool!

Read here information about the Dominican Republic Caribbean Island

Who Rents Our Cabarete Kite Beach Luxury Beachfront Vacation Condos?

Our recommended Cabarete luxury Caribbean vacation condos are ideal for:

  • Families, small family reunions (Or large family reunions if you rent multiple luxury vacation apartments)
  • Corporate retreats for executives
  • For those seeking Safety, Anonymity and Privacy – especially if you’re a celeb and don’t want to be bothered by people or need an entourage of body-guards following you. Just relax and be yourself. Let us cater to your needs.
  • Honeymoon holidays
  • Beach weddings accommodation
  • A group of kite surfing / windsurfing friends.
  • Anyone who enjoys luxury, spacious apartments and wants a great tropical Island holiday experience

Our Cabarete Kite Beachfront Condos offer you perfectly easy access to the beach – simply walk out from your luxury Cabarete or Kitebeach Cabarete condo.

Ideal for ocean lovers ;-) .

Cabarete Bay Accommodation – Features

  • 25-35 minute drive from the Puerto Plata airport (POP)
  • Many Direct Flights from major Cities in USA, Canada and EU.
  • A great convenient weekend getaway for NY & Miami residents.
  • Large Bay offers secure swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing, jogging & walking
  • Kite schools and kite gear rental, windsurfing schools & rentals
  • Kayak rental, catamaran and sail boat rentals
  • Horseback riding trips along the beach
  • Shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes all in walking distance
  • Great night life to enjoy in Cabarete
  • Our condos are located in close proximity (3-4 minute beach walk) to all Cabarete restaurants & bars
  • Quiet, prestigious location
  • Safe & very secure
  • Good for kids & pets to play
  • No problem leaving your kite gear lying around while you lunch
  • Uncrowded
  • Infinity pool overlooking the sea
  • Electricity, Internet & hot water 24/7
  • The best quality accommodation in the area

All our luxury beachfront condos have:

  • Large fully equipped kitchens
  • Beach front condos are 3-4 BR with private bathrooms for each bedroom
  • The best vistas of the sea and of the Cabarete Bay, great balconies.
  • AC and ceiling fans throughout

KiteBeach Cabarete Condo Location Features:

  • Many Direct Flights from major Cities in USA, Canada and EU.
  • Less time to get here from NY than to go to Long Island on the w/e, fighting the traffic jams
  • 20-30 Minutes drive from Puerto Plata International Airport (Easy, fast checkout)
  • Located directly on Kitebeach, the kitesurfing Mecca
  • A 20 Minute fun walk on beach to Cabarete Downtown for Dining & Nightlife (or a 5 minute cab ride)
  • On-Site Restaurant with Bar on the beach
  • On-site paragliding school = ideal for the few no-wind days
  • On-site Kiteboarding Center – we can arrange special deals for your kite lessons or best kiteboarding gear rental and purchase.
    • Kitesurfing lessons with Radio Helmet
    • Kiteboarding gear rental
    • The only Authorized Best Kiteboarding Dealer on Kitebeach – best deals on kite surfing gear with guarantee

Where to Buy Food?

All supermarkets are in Cabarete. Kitebeach only has a few local fruit stands on the other side of the street. Best local shops for food:

  • La Rosa mini market – great for fruits and emergency shopping, not for meat or fish or perishable items.
  • Janete’s – the biggest supermarket in the area. Meat can be OK here but can be old, depending on your luck. We personally have seen fish freezer go dead and the stinky fish was refrozen again for sell to unsuspecting buyers. The Dominican way.
  • Best fresh fish is found a few meters from Janete’s in the Pescaderia (fish shop) near by. The fish here is local catch not China imports as in most supermarkets.
  • Safest bet for perishable items is to buy them in Sosua in the Playero or on the way (much more expensive) in La Pola. These supermarkets are costlier, but larger and or offer more choice than Janete’s. Playero has many imports.
  • For the organic/ health conscious: Playero has American meat – beware. If you ever read Dr Mercola’s website you know what we mean. Most restaurants proudly serve American meat and Chinese fish. In Playero and Janete’s you can buy organic salad greens, very tasty but none are verified organic and no idea if the seeds are truly organic or Monsanto ones. Both supermarkets as well as Pola sell imported Bob’s Mill products.
  • If you dream of fruits and amazing veggies when you think of a Caribbean Island – forget it. You might be lucky, depending on the season, the day or the shop, but this place is far from a fruit paradise as Asia or Israel are or were, pre Monsanto GMO. If you are a vegetarian you are in for a bad time. You can live on Salads and hope for tasty fruits.
  • Best healthiest restaurants where no MSG and no bad USA Monsanto oils are used (or at least we could not detect that on our palette) are Gorditto’s and the beachfront pizzeria Pomodoro (we only ever eat Pizza there). Pappi’s is pretty decent as well. Gorditto’s actually have a water filter system to wash the salad and all things, which is real good in a place with so many e-Coli risks. They serve the best fish in town, local catch and well made.

Is Staying at Cabarete Kitebeach Condo Fun for Non-Kitesurfers?

Ride Horses along Kitebeach Cabarete beach
Ride Horses along Kitebeach Cabarete beach

The Dominican village of Cabarete is in the center of a gorgeous, semi-circular beach of golden, sun-soaked, sand.

Cabarete defines a charming, hip Caribbean Island ambiance along with a combination of relaxed and adventure lifestyles activities.

Just behind, lays a tranquil wildlife lagoon, backed up by richly verdant hills overflowing with luxurious tropical landscapes.

The many restaurants in Cabarete Bay offer you multiple culinary options – and you can dine with your feet in the sand!

If Kiteboarding or windsurfing is not your sport or if there is no wind there are many other fun adventure activities available.

Cabarete Kitebeach Kiting & Non-Kiting Activities

Learn to Fly with No Wind - Take Paragliding Lessons at Kitebeach
Learn to Fly with No Wind – Take Paragliding Lessons at Kitebeach

You can enjoy the following activities in Cabarete beach, in Kite Beach and near by:

  1. Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing
  2. Windsurfing Cabarete
  3. Paragliding lessons – at KiteBeach
  4. Paragliding tandem flights and flying tours in nearby mountains
  5. Fresh Water Wakeboarding – in the Yassica River
  6. World Class Surfing – in ElEnquentro beach or in smaller waves with private VIP training in Cabarete East.
  7. Sailing boats, catamaran rental & tours
  8. Tropical dream Island sailing trips
  9. Canyoning, River trips
  10. Horseback riding along the beach & professional riding lessons
  11. Mountain Biking in the National Park
  12. Rock-climbing in the Dominican Mountains
  13. Humpback Whale Watching (January-March in Samana)
  14. Cave Exploring
  15. Cabarete Lagoon wildlife exploration
  16. Waterfall tours
  17. Visit plantations (coconut, sugar cane, cocoa etc)
  18. Ocean World in Puerto Plata – swim with the dolphins!
  19. Scuba diving, snorkeling – in Sosua – 15 minutes drive.
  20. Seasonal concerts, jazz festivals, sailing competitions and other holiday events.
  21. Casinos – in Cabarete and in the nearby Sosua town
  22. Fun nightlife in Cabarete – the best relaxed hip place in Caribbean.

Luxury Cabarete Condo Rental Rates & Extra Services

Depending upon season and demand:

  • Kite beach hotel rooms of decent quality go for appr. $100/night.
  • A 2BR 2Ba condo costs around $200/night. Penthouse – around $500/night.
  • Luxury Exclusive & highly secure Cabarete beachfront condos (3-4BR, 4-5Ba) go for $450-$950 / night

Lower cost options for Cabarete rentals and long term Cabarete rentals are also available.

For availability, rates, or more information on choosing the right accommodation solution for your needs and pocket as well as booking and organizing fun activities for your vacation, private cooks, masseurs or a trustworthy intelligent child minder/ capable & hygiene babysitter who won’t ransack your room… or to enjoy an intelligent friendly & sociable companion to dine with…

Email us using the form below:


Thank You and See You Soon in Kite Beach!


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